Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly radiates peace and joy.  He has always lived his life striving to
give honor and glory to God the Father, whether it was serving our Lord as a husband, father,
construction worker or as a sufferer of debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.

He was raised the sixth of twelve children in a devout Irish Catholic family in Boston.  In 1985,
he miraculously survived what should have been a lethal dose of electricity.  Frank’s life then
took a dramatic turn and his early devotion to the sacraments, rosary and prayer expanded
and increased. Now he travels throughout the country, sharing his life changing experience
and story, which is the subject of the book “Short Circuit to God.” He has been blessed with
many apostolic gifts.  

His ministry, which is faithful to the Magisterium, consists of: Healing Services,Spiritual
Seminars, Confirmation instruction Classes, Retreats and Conferences.
His periods of prayer with individuals are powerfully accentuated by his gifts of discerning
word of knowledge and healing- often accompanied by scriptural verses personally
designated for the recipient of his prayers to the Lord.  Many have been touched by God,
through this simple, humble man, whom God uses as a vessel to heal mind, body and soul.
Pictures of Frank at St. Agatha's in Milton
Fr. Ronald K. Tacelli

Fr. Ronald K. Tacelli is a Jesuit priest. He was ordained in 1982 and after a year in Germany began teaching
full-time at Boston College, where he is presently Associate Professor of Philosophy. Fr.  Tacelli specializes in
Modern Philosophy, specifically in the thought of Immanuel Kant, someone whose religious worldview would
have no place for  the likes of Frank Kelly. It was in 1990 that the two first met. Fr. Tacelli (a naturally skeptical
person) credits the illness he was suffering at the time for his ability to hear Frank Kelly's amazing story through
to the end, and to take it (and him) seriously. Since 1990 Fr Tacelli has been Frank Kelly's Spiritual Director.
He has no doubt that the Lord has given Frank Kelly a special mission-and gift-of healing.
About Frank Kelly's Ministry